*Liquid Damage Specialists

We are open by appointment only.  Please email info@DinoTechnology.com  to arrange.

Machines & Faults We Fix

Macbook Pro • No Wifi • Running Slow
Macbook Air • Virus Removal • Not Charging
iMac • Not Powering up • Hard Drive Replacement
Macbook Retina • Cracked Screen • Damaged Casing
Mac Mini • Broken Hinge • Data Retrieval
Power Mac • Graphic Issue • Lines on Screen
Mac Pro • Liquid Spillage • Switching Off
G5 • Battery Replacement • Faulty Keyboard
iPhone • Faulty Trackpad • Memory Upgrade
iPad • Not Logging On • Overheating
Cinema Display • Not Enough Space • Not Booting
Macbook • Not Starting • Cleaning

Our Services

MacBook Repairs


Mac Repairs provides a complete Macbook repair service that offers competitive rates and quality...

iMac Repairs


Mac Repairs also provides a complete iMac repair service that offers competitive rates for any...

iPad and iPhone Repairs


Purchasing an iPad or iPhone is a significant investment and if something happens to go wrong,...

Laptop Repairs


We fix more than just Apple products.